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Wheelchair taxi

Wheelchair taxi

Taxi Centrale Haaglanden is also happy to assist you if you are wheelchair dependent. In order to transport you safely to your desired destination, we have modern wheelchair taxis equipped with electric wheelchair lifts. To leave nothing to chance, the wheelchair taxis are frequently maintained by our professional garage.
The wheelchair taxi has room for a maximum of 4 wheelchair bound passengers. If it is necessary or if you would like someone to travel with you, this is no problem at all. With each wheelchair dependent passenger there is room for one person that you would like to travel with.

In order to be able to transport you with care, our drivers have of a lot of experience and the necessary certificates:

  • Driver's pass
  • Diploma Target Group Transport
  • ABC Certificates: The New Driving & Wheelchair Transport
  • First aid diploma
  • Certificate TX approval

To give you an idea you will find an overview of the most common rides with rates at the bottom of the page. Of course we are also happy to take you to other destinations. If you want to travel somewhere, we prefer to hear this 24 hours in advance. This way we can make sure that the right vehicle is available for you.
For questions or reservations, our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year at the dispatch centre via telephone number +31 (0)70 390 62 62 or send an e-mail to


€ 45 per ride - Wheelchair taxi within The Hague
€ 50 per ride - Wheelchair taxi from The Hague to Leidschendam / Voorburg / Rijswijk
€ 65 per ride - Wheelchair taxi region Haaglanden to the Westland / Wassenaar
€ 50 per ride - Wheelchair taxi region Haaglanden to Delft
€ 65 per ride - Wheelchair taxi region Haaglanden to Zoetermeer
€ 85 per ride - Wheelchair taxi region Haaglanden to Rotterdam The Hague Airport
€ 115 per ride - Wheelchair taxi region Haaglanden to Schiphol Airport

* the indicated rates also apply to any return trip

** on Sundays and on holidays a 35% premium is applied on all wheelchair fares