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Business transport

Business transport

Are you receiving a VIP or delegation, do you want to relieve your manager or do you need transport to the Schiphol Jetcenter yourself ? Then Taxi Centrale Haaglanden is the right partner for you in business transport. For more than 45 years, the drivers of the parent company 'Personenvervoer Van der Wijst' have provided business transport and staff secondment for various clients. TCH knows like no other that punctuality, representativeness and discretion are very important. Because our drivers are aware of the customer's wishes and take these into account, it is not surprising that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Kingdom Relations, Siemens, Nationale Nederlanden, ING, DSM, Superdry and similar multinationals have already preceded you.

When a VIP, delegation or manager is transported on your behalf, you naturally want them to be transported in luxury. That is why TCH has cars from the E and F segment of Mercedes, BMW, Tesla and specially equipped VIP coaches. Not only luxury cars provide the ultimate experience, but also the drivers who want to give that little bit extra. Our drivers are therefore in possession of the certificates executive chauffeurs CCV-D1 and CCV-D2, know the standards of manners and have a lot of experience. All this makes it possible to rest or work in comfort during the ride.

To make the quality of the taxi transport provided by Taxi Centrale Haaglanden visible to everyone, we are in possession of a TX-Keur certificate. Every year an independent party determines whether TCH meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001.
ISO 9001:2015 is a globally recognized standard with requirements in the field of quality management. Quality management ensures that the needs, requirements and wishes of the customer are paramount in the organisation.
ISO 14001 is the international standard with requirements for an environmental management system. An environmental management system is used to develop an appropriate environmental policy and is implemented by the organization.


We do not have an app or website to discuss your business transport needs. Our team will be happy to get in touch with you in person, to work out a plan that exactly meets your requirements. You can contact us via telephone number 070 307 20 00 or send an e-mail to