Taxi fares in the region of The Hague and the rest of Holland

In The Hague and the Region Haaglanden TCH generally applies the taximeter prices for taxi rides. For destinations in other parts of the Netherlands inexpensive fixed prices apply.

rijksoverheidThe price of a taxi ride is made up of three elements:

1 : A starting rate
2 : The distance
3 : The duration of the ride

These prices are determined by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in the so-called taxi law. Click for more information (Dutch):

Sample calculation for a taxi fare :

You are about to step into a taxi for a ride that of 7 km that will take 15 minutes.
You will pay the following fare

  • Starting rate:  € 2,83 +
  • Fee for the distance: 7 x € 2,08 = € 14,56
  • Fee for the time: 15 x € 0,34 = 5,10.

The total fare of this taxi ride is   € 22,49


Is a driver allowed to charge you for waiting?

The driver can charge a fee for waiting only if you have agreed to it before the ride. A waiting fee may apply for example when the passenger’s meeting runs late and the driver has been asked to wait.

Comparing Taxi fares

The fares should be well legible on the outside of the taxi. The fares are written on a rate card attached to one of the windows of the taxi. The card has to be well legible from within the taxi too.


Fixed business taxi fares | Business account

For companies, businesses and regular customers we can provide fixed fees for re-occurring routes. We can open a business account so rides do not have to be paid in cash but can be billed monthly. Invoices can be accompanied by a detailed summary of all rides.


Special requests

Do you need transportation for a company outing, a wedding or an away game? We gladly inform you about the possibilities and send you an offer without engagement.


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